About Us

What’s in a name? Sometimes, a deeper meaning than the obvious.

When Mr. Hobart senior was working on his boat, the answer came easily enough on what to name his fledgling construction business…”Keel”.

And 45 years later, what forged itself from a simple solution in naming a company has exemplified itself into the strong, solid direction Keel Construction has sailed.

The brothers, Paul & Peter Hobart, along with Paul’s son Matthew,  have established what their father began and that is an honest, hard working family business. With Karen, (Paul’s wife) running the office, and the dedicated people that have been with Keel Construction (some well over two decades!) this extended family has established a presence in the community.

Their expertise includes general excavation, moving gravel, stone, fill, laying way for underground utilities, Crushing & Screening plant, and in our volitive and unpredictable winter months, snow removal and sanding. Their geographic scope encompasses much of southern New Brunswick.

As a member of the community and chamber, Keel Construction has been a visible force. For example, their site work for Brundage Point and their humanitarian support with GB-W Fire Department through donations and auctions, as well as other pro bono work.

Keel’s honest approach with their customers has rooted their integrity making it a household name. Word of mouth has been their greatest advertising feature and they encourage their customers to ask questions and understand what their needs are: comparing apples to apples when looking for competitive pricing. Sometimes the cheapest price isn’t always the best.